I am often asked by clients what I use on a daily basis so thought I would do an inventory and share the results. First of all, I only use organic and completely natural products.

I am really fussy about this and have been for a long time. The skin is our largest organ and easily absorbs what we put on topically.

During a ground breaking study in 2005 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) collaborated with researchers and studied the cord blood of newborns only to find an average of 200 chemicals were present. Of the total 287 chemicals found, 180 cause cancer in humans or animals while 208 cause birth defects in animal studies. Read more about this here. So it really is a no brainer – we must avoid these toxic chemicals wherever possible!

This means you need to reassess not just what you put on your skin topically but your home environment as well.  If you need more convincing on this please read the brilliantly researched book “Slow Death by a Rubber Duck”.

One of my favourite resources is the EWG Skin Deep Database where you can look up a product and see exactly whether each ingredient is nasty or not. I also love the quick and easy reference book “The Chemical Maze” by Bill Statham which lists both alphabetically and numerically every chemical and if it is ok or toxic.

My Bathroom Stocktake

Use What I Use
Deodorant Weleda sage deoderant
Shampoo & Conditioner Springfield’s
Soap If I use it is goat’s milk soap that I buy at Orange Grove organic markets from the same man who makes the goats cheese!
Facial Cleaner MV Skincare Gentle Cream Cleanser
Body Moisturiser Coconut oil and lots of it
Face Moisturiser MV Skincare rose moisturiser with a few drops of their Instant Revival skin booster
Baby bump MV Skincare body oil
Make – up Inika
Toothpaste Weleda Calendula toothpaste