I would love to help you on your path to Maximum Mojo so please take a moment to chose the best option.

Private Consultations – at Studio You in Birchgrove, please call 02 9216 7600 to book in and then download the Intake Form – ADULT or Intake Form – CHILD. Please fill it out and bring to your appointment along with all pathology results for the last 12 months.

Professional Supervision & Student Clinical Hours – work with Emma on a professional basis

Emma’s Community Cleanse – join Emma and her team for her popular online Cleanse, a month of super healthy living and Mojo reclaiming!

BioImpedance Body Composition Screening –  body composition is the key to optimal health!

Virtual Naturopath – Emma has clients all over the world, distance is not a barrier to great health care when Skype is available. Please email Emma on emma@emmasutherland.com.au to book in and then download the

Nutritional Medicine – food is thy medicine! Gut health is an area I am very experienced in e.g. food intolerances, SIBO, leaky gut

Herbal Medicine – let nature heal with the power of herbs. In particular thyroid & adrenal support, women’s hormones and anxiety

Homeopathic Family Medicine – Emma completed post graduate training in India

Natural Fertility Management – optimise your fertility by supporting your body naturally