friendly bacteriaLast night I attended an invitation only dinner where a vast amount of research on probiotic therapy was presented. To say I was mind blown was an understatement – I had no idea that probiotics could be so incredibly beneficial!

I take probiotics every day and so does Sophia but the enormity of how beneficial these microscopic organisms can be is simply undeniable.  From reducing pregnancy conditions such as pre-eclampsia to significantly decreasing childhood diseases, probiotic therapy may just pave the way for future health care.

Did you know that 90% of your immune system lines your digestive system? Probiotics keep the immune system in a state of tolerance or balance – not too underactive and susceptible to infection but also not too overactive and causing autoimmune conditions.

Research highlights

  1. The uterine environment is not sterile, as previously thought. It contains many bacteria and they pass into the unborn babies digestive tract.
  2. Mastitis can be more effectively treated with probiotics than antibiotics
  3. In 1ml of breast milk there are between 10,000-100,000 bacteria
  4. When babies are born their immune system is Th2 dominant, which means they are allergy prone. Probiotics can help the immune system mature more quickly and reduce the risk of conditions such as asthma, eczema and hayfever
  5. Probiotics in pregnancy can reduce insulin resistance
  6. Abdominal obesity can be reduced with certain probiotic strains
  7. An imbalance of good: bad bacteria result in dysbiosis which increases insulin resistance

Stay in touch via my official FB page as I will be presenting all the research in bite sized, user friendly chunks over the next few weeks.