Western medicine’s focus is often on treating the symptoms of a particular illness. In contrast, naturopaths seek to discover why you are susceptible to the condition in the first place and aim to rectify this. Naturopaths view disease and illness as a response to an unhealthy, stressful or unsatisfactory lifestyle. By addressing the factors causing the illness, you can overcome the symptoms of the illness while at the same time eliminating the true cause of the problem. This is where you will experience true and long lasting changes in your health.

It is for these reasons that more and more people are turning to naturopaths for their health needs and taking a natural approach to their well being. This, in turn, will lead to a society of healthy and vibrant people enjoying quality of life.

What People are Saying…..

Women’s Health – Nicola Kain, Video

“I feel completely opposite to the way I was feeling prior to “Eat Yourself Sexy”; however I can simply describe this in 2 simple ways:

Physical – I have so much energy, often waking up before my alarm between 5am & 6am every morning. I feel like I can run a marathon most days, but I just feel like I have a well oiled motor inside that runs like a dream. Sure, I’m tempted by sugars (and I always will be), but I now have a psychological coping mechanism that has taught my body to crave and want healthy foods. I now crave foods like broccoli, cauliflower, beans and alot of the not so tasty vegies that I once would make myself sick by even thinking about eating. I often make my son tired, because I am relentless with our play times and most of all, my partner is ecstatic that I have found “a new me”.

PersonalEmma has turned my life around. I am eternally thankful for everything  she has done and will continue to work with her because I know that I will always get the best results. Emma just makes the whole process seamless, being a fantastic support infrastructure and also genuinely showing that she cares about our needs and wants throughout the entire journey. Emma’s wealth of knowledge and professionalism is invaluable and motivates my constant desire to try new things.” Rebecca Moroney, “Eat Yourself Sexy” 

Female Health – Koula Ward, Video

“My biggest achievement was dropping around 9kg in the 8 week period. Emma’s direction and guidance helped me to realise that I now have the knowledge and skill to be able to keep going and keep the weight off.

My eating habits were extremely unhealthy. My general well-being and demeanour was unhappy and angry. I was not happy within myself. I can now see a lot of that was attributed to what I was consuming. The food was as colourless as my life! Emma helped put the colour back onto my plate and into my life! I’ve now changed my habits and am more aware of what I am putting into my body and coming to understand how my body reacts to different foods. I feel I’m still a work in progress, but the end result doesn’t seem so far away now that I can put into practice the skills Emma has taught me!” Janine Warner, “Eat Yourself Sexy” 

Preconception Health Care – Tarnya Keating, Video

“It’s been almost a year since I began to see Emma and my improvement has been amazing! Emma is not only compassionate but thorough in her over all diagnosis. I saw Emma regarding my polycystic ovaries and had no idea about the recent treatments or whether there were any available. I can confidently say that Emma had a lot to do with setting me on the road to recovery offering guidance and prescribing me with the perfect herbs.” Tania Doria

Preconception Health Care – Steve and Sandy Harris, Video

“I initially consulted Emma to get some support with menopausal symptoms. With what she prescribed for me, herbs and nutritional supplements, it was nothing short of miraculous. My hot flushes ceased within a week and I could sleep through the night again. I feel great and in control of my own health again.” Dianne Butler

Weight Loss – Jo Chayna, Video

“I am a 41 year old reasonably fit, single mum with a very demanding job. I came to see Emma in complete desperation last year. I had a recurring glandular virus, was completely run down, could not lose that last 5 kilos, and was feeling frazzled. Three months down the track I have lost the excess 5 kilos, plus another 2, am positively jumping out of my skin, and feeling very happy and healthy. Emma spent the time finding out about not just my health, but my well-being. She mixed up a magic tonic for me (I believe it is truly magic), gave me understandable information, and has managed to educate me about what I put into my body. What Emma recommended was nothing extreme, but the subtle changes I have made to my lifestyle have made an enormous difference.” Vanessa Priest

HypnoBirthing – Ciara Boyd, Video

“I first saw Emma in November 2005 – I was lethargic, irritable, had a serious skin disorder around my eyes and basically rundown. Her first course of treatment was a herbal tonic: taken a couple of times a day. This tonic and support from Emma turned my life around. Within 2 months I was back to my old energy levels – gym/cycling 5 times a week and feeling fabulous. My husband was the first one to comment on my new found energy! Continuing the treatment also cleared up my skin condition around my eyes and I noticed a change in my complexion too. If anyone around me talks of physical complaints my first word to them is “Emma”. Thank you very much for your help.” Kathy Morris

Women’s Health – Pip Dundon, Video

“I first went to see Emma after having extensive endometriosis surgery. I was genuinely unwell, unhealthy and still in pain with endometriosis. Emma has worked with me in a supportive and patient manner to help build general good health and well-being by providing thorough consultation’s which include such as discussions about lifestyle, diet, relationships and work environment. Emma develops a natural herbal tonic and vitamin supplements to help control the endometriosis pain and my general healthy well being.” Michelle Thrift

HypnoBirthing – John Kean & Alex Lagelee, Video

“At the age of 33 I was told by my doctor that if I didn’t change my lifestyle I would develop diabetes before my 35th birthday. My blood pressure and pulse rate were dangerously high, I had frequent heart palpitations, my triglycerides were worrying and my cholesterol needed attention. I struggled for 12 months, trying to eat less and exercise more, but I had no energy. It had been years since I’d slept for a whole night, and by mid afternoon I could hardly stay awake. My sister recommended I go see Emma who could help me before it was too late.

Within two weeks of starting Emma’s program of supplements, diet and exercise I got 8 hours of continuous sleep and am still sleeping well. I developed energy enough to be productive in the afternoons and to exercise. Eating well made me realise how sluggishly my body had been working. My mood improved and I didn’t realise I’d been down for so long! And interestingly, I didn’t experience work stress as strongly as I used to. Within three months of starting Emma’s program I was due for my annual physical. My GP was absolutely astonished that my blood pressure was normal, and my triglycerides and cholesterol were nearly normal. Emma has provided me with so much help and support, and while I have a way to go, I know I can beat this diagnosis. While my GP could tell me what I needed to do, she couldn’t tell me how I could do it in real life. Emma could, and I’m eternally grateful.” Sophie Holloway

Emma Sutherland was the Wagner Brand Ambassador for 2 years. During that time she represented the Wagner brand in TV advertorials and product videos, at industry and PR events, online and via social media. She also wrote a lot of blog content for the Wagner website and was involved in training the Vitaco sales team on Wagner products at national sales meetings.

Holly Symons, Wagner Brand Manager

Emma was always a pleasure to work with. She was always readily available to come to events, submitted good quality content on time and on brief and was only too happy to promote the Wagner brand in whatever way she could. She was always very easy to work with, flexible but also extremely professional.