In-Person Consultations are held at Studio You in Birchgrove, please call (02) 9216 7600 to book in and download the Intake Form – ADULT or Intake Form – CHILD.

Please fill it out and bring to your appointment along with all pathology results for the last 12 months.

BioImpedance Body Composition Screening is available!  Body composition is the key to optimal health so ask the receptionist when you book your appointment if you would like a screening during our appointment.



Nutritional Medicine
food is thy medicine! Gut health is an area I am very experienced in e.g. food intolerances, SIBO, leaky gut

Herbal Medicine
let nature heal with the power of herbs. In particular thyroid & adrenal support, women’s hormones and anxiety.

Homeopathic Family Medicine
Emma completed post graduate training in India

Natural Fertility Management
optimise your fertility by supporting your body naturally

Weight Loss
Emma’s experience on the TV show Eat Yourself Sexy along with 14 years experience helping women lose weight means you are in the right hands to shift the kilo


Second Opinion

Many clients have complex health situations that require careful and thorough decisions. Due to my extensive experience of 14 years in clinical practice and treating thousands of clients, I can offer you a thoughtful second opinion. My feedback on your current health protocols may highlight areas of treatment you are not aware of, and help you gain clarity around your decisions.



What clients are saying

I first went to see Emma after having extensive endometriosis surgery. I was genuinely unwell, unhealthy and still in pain with endometriosis. Emma has worked with me in a supportive and patient manner to help build general good health and well-being by providing thorough consultation’s which include such as discussions about lifestyle, diet, relationships and work environment. Emma develops a natural herbal tonic and vitamin supplements to help control the endometriosis pain and my general healthy well being.” – Michelle Thrift

It’s been almost a year since I began to see Emma and my improvement has been amazing! Emma is not only compassionate but thorough in her over all diagnosis. I saw Emma regarding my polycystic ovaries and had no idea about the recent treatments or whether there were any available. I can confidently say that Emma had a lot to do with setting me on the road to recovery offering guidance and prescribing me with the perfect herbs.” – Tania Doria