The Solution for a Healthy Conception, Pregnancy & Birth……

28% of couples experience challenges falling pregnant.

30.8% of women give birth via Caesarean. The World Health Organisation recommends that Caesar rates should not surpass 15% – our rates are over double! 1 in 4 mums’s to be will be induced due to prolonged pregnancy.

Give yourself the best chance of birthing naturally!

Emma Sutherland is a naturopath who specialises in fertility, pregnancy, birth and post natal care. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing delayed conception, a difficult pregnancy, anticipating their birth or simply needs to see an expert in the field of women’s health, call Emma on 0432 042 451.

“The Ultimate Naturopathic Guide for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond”

This two part webinar will take you through:

  • Natural remedies to alleviate common pregnancy conditions,
  • How to create optimal nutrition for pregnancy & birth,
  • Key strategies to assist mum & baby post birth,
  • How to optimise your breastfeeding experience.

Part 1

  • Pregnancy: Common Conditions and what you can do about them
  • Nutritional Requirements for Birth

Part 2

  • Natural Support for Birth
  • After Birth Care for Mother & Baby
  • Breastfeeding

Please follow this link to watch the webinars. I always suggest that you make a cup of tea, wait till the kids are in bed and then sit back and relax!