Emma has clients all over the world, distance is not a barrier to great health care when Skype is available. 

If you are like so many of my clients, you may find it challenging to access naturopathic health care – perhaps you are overseas, live interstate or are looking after a tiny baby at home. What ever the case, this should not be an impediment to gaining access to high quality, bespoke healthcare. I believe that no matter where you are, you deserve to not only have a practitioner by your side but also to achieve your health goals!

How Does it Work:

  • email me via my Contact Form
  • I will get in touch and work out a suitable time for your 1hour initial Skype or phone consultation
  • you fill out a questionnaire and send me copies of any blood tests, ultrasounds etc
  • after your appointment I will put together a comprehensive treatment plan, dietary recommendations, a script for any recommended products and a referral for any further tests I feel necessary
  • we will review your progress within a 4 week period to make any necessary adjustments
  • online fees – initial consultation AUD$180.00, subsequent AUD$95



Nutritional Medicine
food is thy medicine! Gut health is an area I am very experienced in eg good intolerances, SIBO, leaky gut

Herbal Medicine
let nature heal with the power of herbs. In particular thyroid & adrenal support, women’s hormones and anxiety.

Homeopathic Family Medicine
Emma completed post graduate training in India

Natural Fertility Management
optimise your fertility by supporting your body naturally

Weight Loss
Emma’s experience on the TV show Eat Yourself Sexy along with 14 years experience helping women lose weight means you are in the right hands to shift the kilo

What is the Next Step to Hiring Your Virtual Naturopath?

Go to my online store, purchase your appointment (initial or subsequent) and email me. Don’t waste another minute with Dr Google, confusing health food aisles or conflicting advice when in a few simple steps you can access me!

Please note that online consultations may be covered by Australian Health Funds.

Recommended products are not included in the consultation cost.

“I first saw Emma in November 2005 – I was lethargic, irritable, had a serious skin disorder around my eyes and basically rundown. Her first course of treatment was a herbal tonic: taken a couple of times a day. This tonic and support from Emma turned my life around. Within 2 months I was back to my old energy levels – gym/cycling 5 times a week and feeling fabulous. My husband was the first one to comment on my new found energy! Continuing the treatment also cleared up my skin condition around my eyes and I noticed a change in my complexion too. If anyone around me talks of physical complaints my first word to them is “Emma”. Thank you very much for your help.”
Kathy Morris